Brand Spotlight on Hunter Stoves

Whether you’re feeling compelled to gain energy independence, replace an old (less efficient) stove or you simply cannot live another year without a beautiful, cosy wood-burning stove in your home, British designed Hunter Stoves should be a serious contender.

About Hunter Stoves

Hunter Stoves have been designing and manufacturing heating appliances since the 1970s, and not only have they gained a reputation for exceptional design and craftsmanship, they are also recognised as industry leaders in terms of the clean-burning credentials and innovative functionality they have developed. 
All Hunter wood burning stoves and appliances are created with the company’s goals in mind – continuously achieving improved fuel combustion, increased heat output, and reduction of harmful emissions. All models constantly exceed the requirements of current Ecodesign 2022 legislation, are also DEFRA Approved and many models have been awarded the highest Clearskies rating (5).
Hunter Stoves offer the full gamut of stoves, from wood-burning, multi-fuel, gas and electric with some of their ranges also offering boiler stove models too! Within each range, multiple sizes and heat outputs are available, making a Hunter Stoves product a great option for any project.
One of Hunter Stoves’ most popular ranges is the Parkray Aspect, providing its famously large viewing window on all models, meaning you have a big and beautiful view of the dancing flames as you relax! 

Architect Laura Jane Clark’s Review

With optional multi-fuel kits available on all Parkray Aspect models, you have ‘fuel choice’ and with DEFRA approval across the range, each of these stoves can be installed in smoke-free zones across the country (when burning wood). 

Laura Jane Clark

A favourite of BBC Architect Laura Jane Clark, has added in Parkray Aspect stoves into many of her designs, as well as choosing one herself for her own home, as seen on ‘Your Home Made Perfect’.

Aspect 14B stove

What Models and Styles do Hunter Stoves Offer?

Hunter Stoves brands and models provide huge scope likely to satisfy even the most discerning of individuals!

Parkray Aspect – Offers a contemporary yet timeless style, with elegant lines and fantastic viewing windows to enjoy the flames. All models are free-standing with optional plinth or bench (each providing attractive log storage, whilst also elevating your stove above the ground). The Aspect 14B Boiler stove provides all the advantages of the Aspect style, whilst also giving you the option of generating hot water for your radiators and taps!  All wood-burning models are Defra approved for smokeless zones and provide an Energy Efficiency of A or higher as well as easy-to-use controls.

Parkray Aspect

Aspect 14

Parkray Aspect 7

Aspect 7

Di Lusso – a contemporary range, fantastic for the ‘flame connoisseur’, offering either free-standing or inset models. This range boasts some of the smallest ‘distance to combustibles’ available within the industry, meaning you can really maximise your floor space by choosing the Di Lusso R4 or R5 Euro free-standing models. All are Defra approved, provide Energy Efficiency ratings of A or higher and offer super flame control with their dual air controls.

R5 Euro

R5 Euro

R5 Inset

R5 Inset

Herald – a more traditional style of stove, also with timeless appeal. All stoves in this range are free-standing, but with one or two door options on most models. The door design brings a different feel to the stoves, being more classical/traditional with two doors, vs more timeless with the single door version. All Herald stoves include an internal de-ashing grate and a handy ash-pan. 

5 Slimline

Herald 5 Slimline

5 Double Door

Herald 5 Double Door

Allure – a contemporary, minimalist style of stove, boasting a large flame picture, sleek integrated handle design and single, easy-to-use air control. All models are free-standing and are compatible with an optional bench which provides a neat log store as well as raising the stove up higher. All models are Defra ‘Smoke Control Area Exempt’ and offer Energy Efficiencies of A or higher.

Allure 5

Allure 4

Allure 4

Allure 5

Do I Need an Air Vent for a Hunter Stoves Wood Burner?

Good news… if you are opting for a wood-burning stove with a heat-output of 5kW or less, you are unlikely to need an air vent! Most of the stoves within our ranges have been designed with this in mind and are 5kW or below, making it easy to find the perfect stove with minimal disruption. It is important however to check the guidance for your property type and its age, especially if you are looking to install a stove with a greater heat output. For more information see Building Regulations Document J.

Would we Choose a Hunter Stove for our Home?

Having worked with Hunter Stoves for many years, we trust the quality of their products and love their high levels of customer service (not to mention they offer a 10 year guarantee!) So… yes, we would! Plus, it’s not so easy to beat the quality of a Hunter Stoves product and the amount of R&D and precision engineering that has gone into each one for the price!  
That being said, there is no substitute for ‘crossing the ‘t’s and dotting the ‘I’s, we would recommend that you research for yourself and check the specifications of your project with Building Regulations and the smoke-control regulations that apply to your local area.

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