Aduro H2 Wood Burning / Pellet Hybrid Stove



The stylish H2 stove from Aduro is similar to the H1 stove without the aside windows. The Aduro H2 is a hybrid stove that is designed to use both firewood and pellets to offer plenty of heat to your home as well as having a stunning log fire to sit and look at.

With a heat output of 7kW from firewood and 5.5kW when burning wood pellets, the Aduro H2 is a perfect choice for large rooms or open plans and thanks to it’s tall design, makes it a great centrepiece for the room.

The advantage of the Hybrid system is that you can swap between wood pellets and firewood at any time and you can actually add firewood while using the pellet burner to help light the wood. The great thing about a pellet stove is that it can burn for 24 hours on one filling and can be safely used through the night.

There is no recommendation for a particular type of wood pellet, but they must be of good quality, approved and comply with European standards. But from experience, Aduro say that bright pellets burn better than dark pellets.

To add to the ultra-contemporary style of the Aduro H2, this stove can be operated manually or via a smartphone or tablet. With the Aduro H2, it possible to light your stove when you are away from home. The stove requires connection to a stable WiFi network and allows you to easily control the stove while transferring data to help you with the optimum combustion.


  • Capable of burning wood and pellets
  • Heat output: 2-9kW firewood, 2-7kW pellets
  • Nominal heat output: 7kW firewood, 5.5kW pellets
  • Efficiency: 81% firewood, 86% pellets
  • DEFRA approved for smokeless areas
  • Maximum log length: 400mm, Wood pellets: 6mm
  • Pellet container capacity: approx. 15kg
  • Distance to combustibles: 150mm rear, 650mm sides
  • 180 degree view of flames
  • Airwash system for cleaner glass


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