Henley Hazelwood Double Sided Bio Ethanol Stove



The Henley Hazelwood double-sided bioethanol stove is best suited for open plan living spaces or double-sided chimney breast openings.

The benefits of a bioethanol stove mean there are no chimney or flue requirements as well as no expensive installation or maintenance costs. The product uses an environmentally friendly and sustainable liquid fuel that is created from plant extracts, ensuring no smoke, ash or dust is produced.

On either side of the Hazelwood double sided bioethanol stove there are two large glass viewing windows with contemporary chrome handles. The internal bioethanol tray can hold 3 litres of fuel, has a burn time of 9.5 hours and provides between 1-2kW of heat.


  • Internal bioethanol tray
  • Holds up to 3L of fuel
  • Burn time of 9.5 hours
  • 1-2kW output
  • No installation required
  • Chrome Handles
  • Two opening doors


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