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Introducing the new Purcell Douglas Fir Wood Pellet by North Idaho Energy Logs! This ultra high quality wood pellet gives you all the benefits of Douglas Fir at a new more affordable price. The west coast Douglas Fir Tree is well known to produce the cleanest and hottest pellet money can buy! The ash content can get as low as .2% level and 8,700+ BTU’s which is extremely good when compared to most other pellets! Purcell Douglas Fir is one of the best wood pellets available in the New England market. Try it while supplies last!

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Purcell Douglas Fir Super premium wood pellets are one of the best wood pellets available and are one of the most affordable of any Douglas Fir pellet available in New England . They are made of 100% Pacific Northwest Douglas Fir which is the finest raw material available to pelletize. Purcell Douglas Fir pellets are regularly tested by independent laboratories to ensure that our pellets exceed the standards established by the PFI (Pellet Fuel Institute) for Super Premium Fuel classification. All Purcell Douglas Fir Pellets are manufactured by North Idaho Energy Logs in Northern Idaho, next to the Canadian border. They are then loaded (in bulk, loose form) into rail cars and shipped across the country. Once on the east coast they are re-screened and bagged to bring you a clean and hot burning pellet. The fact that they are bagged here and not on the west coast prevents any damage associated with railing pellets to be eliminated and keeps your pellets in pristine condition. Purcell Douglas Fir Pellets have less than half the ash allowed by Super Premium Pellet standard. No chemicals or additives are used of any kind, just 100% natural Pacific Northwest Douglas Fir wood. Unlike the big box stores, we burn pellets every day to heat our showroom and constantly monitor the quality. Purcell 100% Douglas Fir Super Premium Wood pellets are perfect for the demanding pellet burners that care about quality and less maintenance but still want a great value!

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