Rytons 100mm Direct Ventilation Kit with 6×6 Louvre Grille



A direct vent to a wood-burning stove allows combustion air from outside to enter directly into the appliance. The Rytons DVKIT100 100mm Direct Ventilation Kit is available with a Terracotta, Buff/Sand, White, brown or black 6×6 Louvre Grille.


  • Direct ventilation kit for stoves with 100mm diameter outlets.
  • Ducting attaches to the back of the stove via the manufacturer’s outlet allowing combustion air direct from the outside.
  • Does not introduce light and draughts into the room.
  • Aluminium duct is made from a non-combustible material to DIN 4102 Class A1 and is suitable for temperatures up to 250°C.
  • External grille U.V. stabilised to slow down the effects of sunlight.
  • This kit contains 1x Rytons 6×6 Louvre Ventilator (LV103), 1x Rytons 6×6 Louvre Backplate with 97mm Dia. Spigot, 1x Rytons Semi Rigid Aluminium RytHose & 2x Jubilee Clips.
  • Louvre grille size = 166mm L x 160mm H.
  • Ducting = 100mm Internal Diameter(102mm External Dia) x 1.5m expanded (supplied compressed 410mm)


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