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The Original BioBricks are a convenient, affordable, and environmentally friendly replacement to burning cordwood. 1lb of BioBricks equals 1.7lbs of cordwood in heat value. You will experience longer burn times and a cleaner stove/chimney with less creosote buildup. Imagine no bugs, no bark falling off, less mess, less loading the stove, and a cleaner burn. The average burn time on a loaded stove is about 12 hours! They have a uniform rectangular shape, which allows them to be tightly packed into a stove, optimizing fuel levels. These tightly packed bricks burn longer and more uniform. With The Original BioBricks you will find out why they say it’s “A New Look at Firewood!”

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Our Original BioBricks have a uniform rectangular shape which makes it easier to tightly pack a stove with the greatest amount of BioBricks. Because these “BioBricks” can be tightly packed, the fire burns longer and more uniform. A pallet of BioBricks, when burned, will give as much heat as a full cord of seasoned firewood while taking up half the space. The bricks are the perfect size; if bigger they might not burn up completely, if smaller they might burn too hot. With & you can turn your wood stove into something as easy to use as a pellet stove.

Here is some other reason’s to switch from cord wood and try the warmth of BioBricks.

  • BioBricks are ideally sized for wood stoves.
  • Packing density is optimized.
  • This high density fuel extends your burn times greatly.
  • 100% wood, no artificial binders
  • Cost effective, 1 lb of BioBricks equals 1.7 lbs of cordwood
  • Environmentally friendly using our renewable resources
  • Clean burning – minimal smoke, creosote and ash
  • Lights with newspaper, no mess, no chopping, no bugs
  • Easy to handle 38 – 42 lb packs with 50 packs per pallet
  • BioBricks lessens our dependence on foreign oil
  • Safely and easily stores inside or out (UV pallet cover)
  • Pallet size approximately 4x4x3 and is easily stackable
  • Average burn time of 12 hours per stove fill
  • Uniformity in size, density and moisture ensures predictable burning each time

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