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Fiber Fuel bricks are 2 pounds of compressed kiln dried wood waste. The wood waste is a by-product from the moulding manufacturing of Eastern White Pine done by Lewis Mouldings in Nova Scotia, Canada. These 2 pound bricks can be used as an alternative to hardwood in home heating applications. The process takes 2 pounds of loose wood waste and compresses it at very high pressures, which results in the forming of small, very dense bricks. It is the high pressures that form the normally loose wood waste to solid blocks rendering them suitable for use as firewood. There are no binders or glues added to the wood waste to cause it to form; it is the natural result of applying high pressure to wood waste. Fiber Fuel Bricks make a great alternative to conventional firewood and the perfect solution for someone who wants to diminish their dependency on fossil fuels but does not want to deal with the rigors of firewood.

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Fiber Fuel is an excellent alternative to traditional firewood. The fact the Fiber Fuel is owned by Lewis Mouldings helps to keep the consumer’s cost down due to the fact that they do not need to buy in any wood waste to make the bricks. That is because they use 100% Eastern White Pine was from the sister wood moulding company. Combine this with a strong U.S. dollar and it makes it feasible to bring in this high quality but affordable wood brick all the way from Nova Scotia, Canada. This brick also feature super low ash and high BTU output due the 100% softwood composition. Here is some other advantages of using Fiber Fuel by Lewis Mouldings:

  • Fiber Fuel Bricks are ideally sized for wood stoves.
  • Packing density is optimized.
  • 100% wood, no artificial binders
  • Cost effective, a pallet of Fiber Fuel Bricks is about equal to a cord of wood
  • Environmentally friendly using renewable resources
  • Clean burning – minimal smoke, creosote and ash
  • No mess, no chopping, no bugs, no stacking
  • Easy to handle 16 Brick packs with 60 packs per pallet
  • Fiber Fuel Bricks lessens our dependence on foreign oil
  • Easily stackable for storage
  • Uniformity in size, density and moisture ensures predictable burning each time

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